PD400 The Baker

You like the delicious cake?

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Come see PD400 in Emerald Lake or Send me a PM in game on build server. I have many delicious cakes yes? You is being desiring of cakes?

Me give good deals. :p Accept trades of any and all ores. Low rates, yes?


I am establishing myself as your number one source for cake. Come trade for some now!


One of the "original PvP terrorisers"
Love to but don't know where Emerald lake is..... (am I meant to lol here? Well i'm not going to risk it) btw I voted yes :D


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There's only 1 problem with this. Spawn got moved 7000 blocks away, and I don't think anyone have found the old one yet. So I don't think it's actually possible to find Emerald Lake again. Unless you've made a new one of course.


Hmm, its not too difficult to "find" Emerald Lake, if your a VIP...

Thus negating any problems

Again, come visit me in Gaoling, Emerald Lake, or my super secret project which only I know about.