PD400's Espionage Extravaganza!


Hello, hello, and welcome!

Need to get a leg up on your enemies in PvP? Wanna make them squirm? Make them say, "That gosh darn, <name> always is so clever!" When in reality you did none of the work?

Well you're in luck! I sell any and all coordinates, either leaked in chat, or through my own sneak espionage techniques to find bases. I will clearly label all coordinates I obtain, so you know how they were obtained!

We also sell PvP rumors, information, tips on Faction bases, and details about Faction bases we visit! All gosh darn CHEAP. Simply contact me via a private message in-game, or on the forums, and tell me what you want! And We'll get it!

Here are our rates:

Claimed Base Coord: 10 Diamonds (Varies)
Unclaimed Base Coord: 5 diamonds (Varies)
Underground Base: 10 Diamonds
Chat Leaked Coords: 25 Iron Ingots
Information: 10-25 Ingots depending on info

So come one, come all, and destroy your enemies!

All purchases must be made up front and in full!
We take no responsibility if you are brutally murdered upon arrival at a base, or killed by a trap. Contents may vary, as well.


Annoying 13 year old.
Watch as everyone asks for that Stupid Just2 faction's base.

Those sneaky buggers!


New! New! New! We have a special clear-out sale on coordinates, starting today!

Buy any chat leaked coordinate, and get 50% off a Faction base coordinate!