philboy123456 bad appeal


no one says hi when i log on D:
hi it's philboy123456, i think i was banned for deleting one train track and i did not notice it.I have spoke with legionaire2 on the phone he has forgiven me for it cause he knows that i did not mean to do that.i did open the train staion chest but nothing was taken.i am very sorry and it wont happen again. i love this server so much hopfuly i can get back on the server.once again i am very sorry and it wont happen again.


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I did speak with philboy123456 on the phone. He is a good friend of patroit19 and did say he was sorry for what did happen. I do trust him and believe he wont grief again.


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philboy123456, your ban appeal is now under discussion with the mod team, you should expect to hear a decision in a few days :)


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Philboy, I'm checking with the Moderators and checking to make sure everyone has posted their decision.


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Ok, all the moderators have confrimed that they are willing to give you another chance.

Please review the server rules and make sure you understand them, to avoid being banned in the future. If you have any questions please feel free to ask either a moderator or some other players in the server. I'm sure they would be more then happy to answer any question.

The unban can take up to 5 hours to take effect, but feel free to try anytime between now and then.