Pictures of my new house, because dunkeroni isn't a VIP


The god of uselessness.
These first 4 photos are the view in all 4 directions from the top of my house.

Now, the view of my house from idiot towers (also, my garden):

Doorway and entrance room of my house:

This leads to the dining room / room with upstairs and downstairs:

^im too lazy to remove the chest, but it has my build supplies in it right now. This doorway leads to the kitchen:

If you take the other doorway, it leads to my hot tub:

Continuing, it leads to my living room, and my chest room:

If you go downstairs from the dining room, it goes to the furnace room:

If you go upstairs from the dining room, it goes to the library / guest bedroom:
(continued in next post because of 20 image limit)


The god of uselessness.

The guest bedroom leads to the deck:

Going upstairs from the guest bedroom, is the main bedroom:

And that's about it. I also have a small reed farm next to my garden, and I will probably add a small cactus harvester soon.