Please catch habitual griefer.


I understand it's expected, I understand it's why there is a temp... But a griefer is bad news so I hope we can remove them. I questioned "who left within minutes of me getting on"? Why? Because when I got there there were still drops on floor that weren't from me(5min dissolve?). My build minor griefed(deflecting), in all actuality the griefers went exactly to my safe room through secret entrance(not good one). None the less exactly to it then rebuilt damaged blocks when went same way came in. Now I've caught someone (same place) before taking obsidian, diamonds, gold, and iron. I was invisible followed them while they stole and searched. We settled with a good payback in old map so I let it go... Letting them keep said items they built a obsidian vault (lots of my old obsidian).. Well when I go there today(after said incident, after again on temp map) the persons home(next to mine) says free home, free vault(obsidian), farm...etc.. And has a huge home he started yesterday with many material I'm missing...(how they have nothing as temp map ended last time, to having all immediately) Wood (burch,regular,planks), glass, smooth stone, and I'm missing stacks of obsidian, gold , iron, and 9 diamonds... Ironically from said persons old home... To his/her new home many repairs to old buildings with MY MATERIAL!!! Perfect line... My house, his old house, random fixed house, random fixed house...... His house!!! All did in past 24 hours... He even states he did in signs he made repairs all in one day... Hmmm...? please look at this please  The coordinates are