plz unban moleman4102


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i did not break and enter but i will take the blame so i can go back to the server i only was looking a other spheres not greifing but if you do not accept this ban ape
all i will understand


Former Server Moderator and Ban Appeal Moderator
Thanks Moleman4102, Your ban appeal will be reviewed by the Mod Team and we will get back to you once we've reached a decision. It may take 3-5 days so please be patient and be sure to check back on your post every now and then in case we have any questions for you. In the meantime, please review our server rules here.


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If it wasn't you who did it, then who was it? Who else has access to your minecraft account?


Former Server Moderator and Ban Appeal Moderator
The Moderator Team has come to a decision and we've decided that you will be Permanently Banned due to your dishonesty and grief with the intent to steal. You deliberately went around locked doors to go through chests that weren't yours. Thank you for stopping by our server and checking it out and we hope you find a server that better fits you.​

Have a nice day.​