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    Post your poetry here.. remember please to keep it G rated.
    When commenting on other people's poetry, please be kind. =D
    I will be brave and start. Here is a poem I wrote last year in the fall;

    Oregon Leaves

    Tunnels of color
    Any one you like
    Jaw dropping beauty
    Brilliant light at shallow angles
    Soon to be gone.
    This tiny sliver of reality
    Our eyes can pick up
    Brings tears
    What if we could see
    The Whole Thing?
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    I sometimes attempt to write poetry, though I'm not exactly.. gifted in that area of writing. x) 2 years ago I had to submit a poem that was less than 200 words on peace or something like that, and this is what I came up with (note that I waited until the deadline to write this so I apologize if it's horrifyingly bad. xD)

    Peace, what is the real meaning?
    Is it something that can be bought?
    Or is it something that can be given?
    Is it something we've always sought?
    Or is it fought for with ammunition?

    For peace is something needed,
    To make the earth go 'round.
    We have fought, begged and pleaded,
    But true peace is yet to be found.
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