POLL: Would you like to see Minecart Mania installed?

Would you like to see Minecart Mania installed?

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Ok so this is something a few mods and VIPs have wanted for ages - Minecart Mania. This is not really an addon, more of a 'fix' for minecarts. At the moment if you want a decent minecart track system you have to use glitchy boosters which often fail and create unnecessary minecarts everywhere. Minecart mania solves this big issue by turning gold blocks into boosters. This is only one of the many things it does - you can see all the info here: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Minecart_Mania!

Minecart Mania allows for cool things such as automated stations - you can make a cart stop at the station for a few seconds, then move off again. You can also use signs to control the different special blocks e.g. you can control how fast the cart moves by putting a sign by a gold block and having '75%' on it to have it move at 75% speed.

You can also have 'dispensers'. A dispenser is a chest connected to minetrack. You fill the chest with carts, then when you apply a redstone current it releases a cart onto the track. Dispensers can also 'collect' carts, so you can have a rollercoaster where the cart returns into the chest after the person has gone round and then when the next person presses a button it releases the cart back onto the track for them to ride in.

A very nice feature of the mod is that SgtSpike can set it to auto-delete empty carts after a certain time period of them being empty. This solves the issue that we have at the moment of having hundreds of disused minecarts on the map doing absolutely nothing apart from use server resources.

If you want see this installed, vote yes so Sgt sees that people want this!


I have voted yes because I have researched it slightly using the link provided, and see it as a great advantage. I am not sure what advantages (for carts) the beta will bring (and boats for that matter), but I know alot of towns like to have minecarts leading to them for quicker access and fun! :D I would personally love to see this on the sever and have a bit of a play around with its features. :D


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I voted for turtles because I like turtles.

But if I can have two turtles then I'll take em both.


"Yes, I voted for this plugin, but since the 20th will bring new additions, perhaps we may not need this, yet it may present a pleasing addition."


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People keep claiming that the 20th (beta) is the next update WHICH IS WRONG!

Notch writes in his Dec 11 blog entry (Title: "Minecraft Beta: December 20, 2010"):

And the next game update (with server-side inventory) is coming next week, before Beta
The end of duping and drop-pickup-repair is upon us today, tomorrow, or Friday. Also, leaves will decay then.

I propose that you backup your .minecraft folder in case you want to go back to the current version.