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Discussion in 'Creative Creations' started by stary326, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. stary326

    stary326 I'm back !

    So, Hi!
    I've been gone for a LONG time.. Haha but I'll be around some for now :)
    And I thought since I was gone for so long i've gotten better at art and wish to redeem myself from those ugly drawings from before XD
    So, I will post my art here from time to time and you guys can as well!
    It can be any kind from sculpting, graphite, digital, or edits I'd love to see it ;)

    This is something I made recently with pen ^^

    Have fun posting guys!
  2. Inuuchiha

    Inuuchiha Meow Meow Meow

    10-07-13 082.JPG

    I made this around 3 years ago in my hs art class, just found that it was still in my computer lol
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  3. stary326

    stary326 I'm back !

    Haha, nice kracken XD
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  4. kgarey

    kgarey Master of Kittens

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  5. kgarey

    kgarey Master of Kittens

    Cool, did you use a modeling software or did you draw that?

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