Promotion of MinecraftCC


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Promotion of MinecraftCC

The purpose of this thread is to lay out and discuss all of the promotion opportunities we have to bring more players in to the server. I hope that those of you who would like to help out the community will make suggestions about what could be modified or added to better promote the servers and community. And there's ways for everyone to help! Vote for our servers on MineStatus, for example. :)

If any of you know of any more minecraft server lists we could add the server to, please reply with a suggestion.

I have donated here to have the "little bit extra" advantage in the list. This means that the server will be listed in bold lettering, we'll have a donation icon next to the server names, and it will bump the backend server score to put it up higher on the list. Current issue is that the uptime is only listed as 14.27%, and hasn't changed for a couple of days. :\

Build Server Link
PvP Server Link

I like that this one lets you vote on servers, so potentially, with enough votes, we can jump to the top of the list!

Currently need a banner for each server, if anyone is graphically inclined.

Build Server Link
PvP Server Link
We've got a server thread there. Please take a moment and put in a good word about the servers/community!

Also, if any of you like, it would be a HUGE help if you could help out by suggesting our servers to anyone looking for one in this subforum:
We are listed on this website (ctrl+f and look for ""). A pretty basic list, but it doesn't hurt to be listed there!
This site is a bit weird, but whatever. Listed it anyway. It also has a voting system, so vote it up!
Not a pretty website, but appears to be fairly active. You can also vote for servers on this one, so vote away!

The button at the bottom of the sidepanel - 11 thumbs up so far! Each like will post the page to the person's facebook wall, which might help recruit more players.

No one has yet twittered about the website. Though I'm terribly unfamiliar with twitter, so I'm not even sure HOW you would tweet about the website.

We do have a steam community group - join up if you haven't already!

Xfire group is alive and semi-active as well. Join up!

I will try to keep this updated with all of our current media. Youtube videos, images, banner advertisements to use elsewhere, etc.

YouTube Links
MinecraftCC Theme Song
Simple Minecraft TNT Cannons
Minecraft - How to build a water zombie trap
Minecraft glitch
The Ultimate Minecraft Water Theme Park
Minecraft Epic Water Ride
My Tree House -Minecraft-
Final day of the server part 1
Minecraft's Longest 3x3 Tunnel
Final day of the server part 2
Minecraft Skeleton WON'T LEAVE! Arghhhhhh
Minecraft 1000 Candles
Minecraft Sea Level Obsidian Factory
Minecraft: How to grow a tree on top of a tree
Ambushing Jacca, the Torch Thief (Minecraft SMP PvP)
Echo's Bay











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Added my new ghetto-banner. Someone's got to be able to come up with something better than that though!


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minecraftbannerbuild3.png How about this? i can change the text and text color if you want

Click the tiny image to see it in full size


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I enjoy these :p It shows what our server players can build and also lets them know that everything he have and have ever gotten is all legit which only makes everything here so much more epic. I'd say you should make one for PvP too but..... What we gonna show them...? The giant craters outside spawn? Rofl.. :doh:


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Haha, not bad guys! Ultimate, if you were able to outline the letters in a black border with a white border or white fade around it, I think it'd be a lot more readable.

And DrMad, it's ok, I suck to. But that actually doesn't look bad. I like the three-pane theme. Text leaves something to be desired, but that can be changed easily enough.

Saltire came up with a couple of banners that I think are REALLY sharp. :)




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Thought about that, but would advertising VIP on a server that someone doesn't know really help? Are they going to join because they have the chance to donate towards it? These outside placements are meant to draw people in to the server, so I think anything mentioned that doesn't aid in that goal is just frivolous. That said, I could be wrong... do you think it would help to advertise that donators get special perks? I just think that can be a question answered in-game when people ask what a blue name means. In my mind, donating to a server would be the last thing I would be thinking about when looking for one to join. But the way I think and the way other people think can obviously differ, so I'm interested to hear more opinions on whether advertising donations = perks would help before even trying out the server.

I did think about putting something along the lines of "120+ donors/VIPs can't be wrong!" though. :)


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That's a good point actually - i think you're right.

Would be nice to put in something about 120+ donations though.