Punishment for making me read rules


(kinda teasing) but Moderator told me to stop asking question and read website sort of...
Here are some comments about the new (and indirectly old) information:

Firstly... (and sort of in random order of importance)
On Factions Page, Commands page -
f who [playername] is missing maybe but is really useful sometimes
power Maybe doesnt always go down by 2 (possibly getting confused with regeneration effects, but have reason to think am not)

B... (have mentioned before, but its been written again on website repeatedly in different ways)
Sphere World at least defines 'legit' roughly as must mine or trade for all resources.. (auto harvesters and such might thusly not really be legit.. just to remind.. but steps out of way before dead horse is beaten again :)

3... On Features page.. "As Notch intended it" is maybe a good/great goal, but some might legitimately say that permanently turning off creepers is maybe not what he intended. - shrug - just an idea.. One might also say or make an argument ( and not at all trying to speak for him ) that actually "skins" were not (at least initially) introduced for players character images to be 'spacemen', 'creepers', etc. but to be able to (no bad racial stuff intended) be as their own racial color, etc. if desired.. or maybe the texture packs were added so redness color blind ppl could see red blocks as some other color, etc. (not that i know much about color blindness).. Of course maybe these things then, as an expression, took on a life of their own.

2+2.. 'Block jumping' on pvp claimed land maybe technically doesn't use plugins? but some might think its against the rules.. others maybe not? (also clearly some moderators think 'butter'/gold boot skating in pvp is against the rules.. some moderators apparently think it is not.)

E... Oh, /Compass [playername] isnt listed, but worked previously to see others directions..

Hopefully Lastly, And this one i have pondered and would like some serious expounding on..

There is no mention of TnT in the In-Game rules (/rules) maybe

General Rules Section for Builder, etc.. seems to sort of say
Rule 9: TNT, Lava Buckets, etc are restricted items (at least guests must? ask for help placing item or something like that)

PVP World Rules
Rule 1: ALL rules in the General Server Rules section apply to this world (im kinda roughly resaying) Some rules are excepted later in the PvP rules maybe. Um.. saying that griefing is allowed maybe does not automatically imply that the person can place the TnT themselves (and maybe they are just trying to mine in PvP world to get some iron :) .. or maybe they are trying to understand how to shoot a TnT cannon before trying to get that pesky Ninja base outta the way to make way for their newest swimming pool (teasing ).

Guest Rank page: guests cant use TNT, Lava... roughly said.. no exceptions listed maybe


Also, i usually tend to ask before using TnT but usually get no response ( tho, Marine (moderator) has been helpful a number of times in helping to understand TnT rules (not trying to speak for him.. he partly said can TnT test, but dont mess up the map - read as clean up your testing holes, etc. maybe)

Well so there.. Plllbbb! That'll teach you to force me to read the rules and other information sections of site (actually, I cant remember which section they wanted me to read, but i was asking about the Creative World (and its plaque which reads something like... Builders can Build here..
(Legion [moderator] maybe mentioned Builders -> proven builders)
Goes back to hobo shack on pvp world (tho will hopefully soon have a nice picnic lunch at some Creative World scenic spot ).


Retired Administrator
Thankyou for your feedback, this is how we make our server even better - contributions like this :)

a) Factions: if you read all of /f help, it tells you about /f who. I do not like repeating information when it is already readily available if people follow instructions

b) Not quite sure of your point here - it is a 'legit' world - you have to mine for everything.

c) The Features page isn't quite finished yet, but thanks for the points

d) Block jumping is glitching and is against the server rules, even on pvp. As for the gold boot issue, I will work on that at some point, however I have had more pressing matters to attend recently.

e) Compass should not work for other players any more, only for yourself

f) The in-game rules are slightly out of date. I need to fix them up and all in-game information at some point. TNT is allowed for anyone on PVP. I will add this in to the wiki.