Putting a face to words.


Annoying 13 year old.
I've seen these threads pop up on other forums and I've always found them intriguing. The rules are simple, just post a picture of yourself.

I think it's interesting to put a face to words. It's always cool to see if someone matches the mental image you've built for them in your head, or just how they look in general.

Few old members will remember me when I first started here at CC. 13 years old, nothing better to do then to annoy people and just generally be obnoxious. Now that I've gotten older, not too much has changed, except my height really.



Potato Overlord
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cool idea!
I'd post,
but I'm with mac x_x
Not one for selfies.
But I'm excited to see the people that do post :3
so for now I'll just say,
vvvvv this is me


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wow nice pic guys, I would post my pic but that would reveal my secret identity , Oh and nice to see you hudy, don't worry I won't troll you to insanity. lol >:D


Potato Overlord
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I really hope now, that whenever someone talks to me,
they picture a potato. I:
And very nice pictures, everyone!
However I'm still really confused about your height, hudyboy.
You look REALLY tall.