PvP server, Build sever and the Nether


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Do the two servers -the PvP server, and the Build server- literally run on different machines?

The reason I ask is, I heard that the Nether doesn't work on the PvP server because it requires a separate server. This make me think it doesn't work on the Build server either?

I was thinking: What if the Build server and PvP server were combined, only there was a separate geographic area for the Building side. For instance, you could create the Minecraft equivalent of the great wall of China.

Then, both servers could have a Nether!

At least that's what I was thinking at first.

But then two problems came to mind:

1. 16 player limit would still be in effect, I'd imagine

2. Even if 32 players could fit in, there wouldn't be enough people in the Nether at once to balance the load

Okay, that's fine. Question 3:

I have an extra computer that was "high-end" 4 years ago, and which has gotten a couple upgrades in the time since. It's currently sitting in my garage. Would it be feasible for ME to run an additional server for the Nether on the PvP server?

I don't know how much of a financial burden having an additional machine running 24/7 would be, but I'd be willing to give it a shot.


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Kiwinz said:
The 2 servers run off the same machine :S
Kininz, my man!!


Could I possibly run a second server for the Nether? What would be entailed in doing so?


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Jov - absolutely! If you're willing to run it with the same rules and administration (and under the minecraft.cc name), it'd be a great addition to the community.

Before we all go gung-ho about something like that though, we'll have to think about technicalities, like transferring VIP/mod/ban lists between servers. I haven't figured out a real good way to do this yet, still working on it. It might be as simple as pointing to the same ban file between the servers (haven't experimented to see if foldering works, or if the banlist has to be in the same folder), but between computers not on the same network, it definitely would present a challenge.

Also, is there a way to get wood/etc into the nether? Because it might be a bit hard to do anything worthwhile in an environment with no tools...

Regarding running servers on the same machine, yes, the two are running on the same one. Up to four minecraft instances can be run on the same server, and I'd imagine you can run as many as you want through virtual machines.

Another thing to think about is beta: If it is indeed only 3 days away, we'd better wait until the update comes out to see if the nether is a working addition anyway. I haven't seen notch talk about it yet, but we may as well wait and see what we had to deal with before we spend a bunch of time setting something like this up.

BTW, what are the specs on said extra machine?


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The specs are medium-low by today's standards; As I said, it's old, and I've since replaced it with my current beast of a machine.

If I recall correctly, it's 2.5 GHz P4, 2GB, and a 1GB GeForce 7800 -I think- ; Literally haven't booted it up for over 2 1/2 years.

To be honest, I really don't know the first thing about running a Minecraft server, I'd just love to add the Nether to the mix and have an extra computer, so just throwing it out there. :)


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Ok cool. Ram was the big limiting factor when I first started up this server, but we only have 1GB. 2GB, you should be able to run around 10 players or so. Good enough for a nether. :)

I'll keep this in mind, let you know once things settle down from the conversion to beta. ;)


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With the beta update and server side inventories seems like it might be possible to have inventories transfer across the pvp/nether divide