RAT builder app


Powered by Fur !!
Do you want to behold the power of the fur ?

Do you want me to enhance your world with dolphins in fire, or trucks that can fly ?

Do you want to promote me as a builder ?

So click, guys !!!!

You know me :

Now, i wanna build on the creative, or i'll cry. Like a panda.


Meow Meow Meow
Thank-you for applying for Builder status on our Creative world.

The mods have decided to Approve your application. You will be upgraded by a mod in-game shortly.

Please remember to follow all creative rules and ask a mod to remove any structure you do not intend to finish. Not doing so could lead to your Builder status being revoked. If you are building in a city make sure you check the rules and allowed building materials of that particular city.

We think your skills are -
  • Realistic Statues
  • The Power of the Fur
  • Spaceships
We appreciate the time you have taken for your application, have a nice day :)