Rathminer;s Thread of Awsome Texture packs


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Note: All pics are taken from the server

To start off we'll have tronic a nice little texture pack that is strips things down to the bare bones, making it truly awesome. Even as a "as notch intended gamer" i would advise to check this one out. http://evilmousestudios.com/tronic/

This texture pack blows me away: simple while keeping it appealing, all without losing the minecraft feel. I would recommend using this with the Ambient Occlusion to add some extra shading effects to truely bring it to life.
But there's a catch, and this is a game breaker for me, when you break a block there's a loader on it, for a mod that does so well keeping that minecraft art-style its horiible and take you out of "that" feeling

+ simple and appealing
+ Keeps minecraft art-style
- 3rd party apps for 16x16 (the better) version

7/10 Truely amazing but that loader is holding it back