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Hey Moderators and Admins, here is my second builder application after 7 days. The Project I am using in this application is my newest after my first builder application was denied, I built this from some ideas of the internet and some films I have seen in the past of real life structures. Few people helped me in building in this structure although I did near enough all the work. I would like to say a special thanks to Drocks99 for helping clear the land in the first place, another special thanks to Wombatus for pointing me in the right directions of designs for the front part of the structure(The very large part that is held by the large pillars) and lastly another special thanks to Hawksoul12 in helping me gather and move the Coal ore(Carved Jade) with pistons. So lets cut to the chase and see the finished structure its self! To see the structure you can simply warp there with /warp church.
Ok lets see some pictures:

Thank's for viewing my builder application.


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It would look better if it had a sign on it stating, "Made by HudyBoy."

All seriousness, looks good.


I definitely think this is a major improvement, and it's cool to see people using pistons to move coal and diamond ore, it shows dedication.


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You used my copyrighted name without asking me so I can't give you this stamp

... Gosh I did it !! Well, ok, so here is your stamp :p


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Thank-you for applying for Builder status on our Creative world.

The mods have decided to Approve your application. You will be upgraded by a mod in-game shortly.

Please remember to follow all creative rules and ask a mod to remove any structure you do not intend to finish. Not doing so could lead to your Builder status being revoked. If you are building in a city make sure you check the rules and allowed building materials of that particular city.

We think your skills are -

  • Attention to detail. We liked the legit coal ore :)
We appreciate the time you have taken for your application, have a nice day :)