Rebecca Black - Friday: Your opinion?

Do you feel the way people are treating Rebecca Black is wrong?

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Do you feel it's not right that people are treating her so badly? Share you opinions.

Personally, I feel that while the song itself is a little dull, I think it was very cool of her parents to spend $2000 dollars of their own money to let their daughter do this. What do you think?


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Just listened to it, and frankly I find it unbearable to listen to. The lyrics are terrible, she has whiny annoying voice and auto-tuning is claerly evident which just makes things worse.
That being said people are going far too far it seems. Though saying that as long as she is thick skinned and doesn't let the 4chan comments get to her psyche, then I can see that it will work for her, for however long the fad lasts. She'll likely easily have got the money back from TV interviews and people buying the song on iTunes (more as a practical joke I would guess). In short as long as she doesn't get hung up fighting the haters and makes sure she keeps her online identity separate from her real life (ala Boxxy) then it will only be good for her I guess.


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Great SONG@! jk, horrible... just horrible, but people should take that out on the actual writers and the production company, not the 13 yr old that just wanted to sing. She was given a choice of 2 songs.. she probably should have walked away then..but I say wait to actually hear her sing before making fun of her, as CJ said, it was edited so much you cant even hear her. But... she has already made it onto the music charts for this song, and the spotlight.. so if she can produce anything halfway decent, she'll be all set with free advertising.


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I think everyone is making way to big of a deal out of this. Its a stupid song with stupid lyrics from a stupid girl. She isn't terrible at singing and I've heard worse songs from worse people (Crank Dat anyone?) I'm glad she can make money (18th most downloaded song on iTunes) and is on the Top Billboard 100's (number 72 I think.) Seriously. Let this die. Like Polio.


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I listened to the first half of it. Generally, I have an appreciation for pretty much any type of music except Country. But her voice was a bit grating. I couldn't listen to the rest.

I don't mind autotuning - I think it sounds cool, and is a very neat effect in some songs. I don't even mind singers using it to correct their pitch. But autotuning doesn't fix a bad tone to one's voice.


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I would rather put my head in a pile of ants than listen to that ever again.


Good Morning America interviewed her, and had her sing the National Anthem, so what I want to know is why this "Ark Music Factory" decided to autotune her so badly that she sounds like nails on a chalkboard.


Oh god...

This is practically another "Justin Beiber" thing, except there's few who ACTUALLY love her music.

So, everybody hates, mean things are said, bad jokes are made, simples.

On the other hand, the worst song I have ever heard has changed from "boom boom pow" to "Friday"

Unless it's done by Bob Dylan (<link)

I swear. It makes me want to curl up in a ball and die, it's possibly the worst thing I've ever had to listen to. My 15 YO friend (<link) does a better job then that, without ANY autotune -/-

Also, the song I linked, I think, is better then the original (both times :p)

I can't stand her music, and in the words of Charlie Sheen

"Rebecca, we don't hate you because you're famous, you're famous because we hate you"


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It's pretty awful there... and that's with no editing at all. Her vocal technique is absolutely DREADFUL. Someone get her some singing lessons so someone can teach her how to breath properly when singing - all the ends of her phrases are forced. You can hear here running out of breath and losing pitch control due to this. Her range is also very limited by this - as soon as she goes low or high all the power of her voice drops. At the end of the day practically any teenage girl could have done what she has done. Do i hate her? No. Do i hate her voice? Yes, with a passion. Do i hate the song? Oh god yes.


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Wow.. so much negativity. I don't think it is so much her, as it is the song itself. It's rather monotone. If she did a couple more songs with varying octaves, she could then showoff some ability.
Think of it this way - If your favorite singer put this song out, would you enjoy the same as you would any other song they put out? Probably not. It's very repetitive and monotone, for any singer/group.

Don't judge a book by it's cover. (ie, only 1 song)

But.. to be on topic, I don't really care for the song, but I also don't really think that people should be outright bashing her for it. Obviously, making a top 100, there are those out there who DO like it. Different strokes for different folks.