Rei's Minimap: Is it okay?


Ibitul, the Supreme Princess of Minecraft CC
I found this minimap mod based off of Zan's Minimap. I want to use it but I'm not sure if it is allowed. It has slime chunk view, just putting that out there. Cave view is only possible if the server is set to allow it, in other words, if the admins don't enable it, it doesn't work. There are waypoints too, but no teleporting to said waypoints. It also has entities radar, which can be turned off by the server. Both Cave Mapping and Entities Radar are disabled by default. Here's the link:
So, is it okay to use it on the server?


Theoretical Motivator
I've gotten different answers, Waki and Womb told me it was fine, while SgtSpike told me it was not allowed.