Rules For PVP Server


Server Moderator
I'm starting this because I believe we need some basic rules for the pvp server. I'm not looking for many rules here, just a few so that the game remains fun and playable. Playing in a way where anything goes will invite many griefers, taking the fun out of playing with mobs and pvp enabled. If you have any other rules you think should be implemented, Post your thoughts and ideas here.

Here is what i propose as a starting point. General server rules, modified for Player vs Player, and Player vs Enemy.

1. Mind Your Language! This is a public server and we may have younger players among us.

2. No disrespecting our players on the server.

3. No harassment. This means..
----------------------------------------No spawn killing.
----------------------------------------No repeated killing of the same person in a short timespan.
----------------------------------------Anything that would deny someone from playing the game. (ex. Sitting at a players /home location and killing them whenever they arrive even though they have no items)

4. Hacking, Glitching, or otherwise Cheating will not be tolerated! Our server is a cheat-free legitimate server. All of our players work hard for their items and structures. Please respect that.

5. No excessive, unnecessary griefing. It is be ok to destroy a door or part of a wall to gain access, but there is no need to destroy an entire base for no reason. Also, with lava and water, there is no need to cover a 100x100 area or even just a spawn or warp location with lava... this is disallowed as there is no purpose for this.

6. Respect and Obey- If a moderator and/or Admin asks you to do something, please comply in a timely fashion. We don't instruct or ask you for our own amusement.

7. If a player (especially VIP's) is going to be AFK for more than 5 minutes, then please log off so that the slot will remain open for other players who would like to have a chance at playing on our server. (Fair play and availability ruling). If you are found to be AFK for an extended amount of time, you will be kicked by a Mod. If a Mod has to kick you 3 times for this reason, you may find yourself on a 24 hour ban!

Let me know your thoughts, and mods/admin, let me know if it will be possible to enforce some of these rules if agreed upon.


The Cloud Writer
I think we need to define more on greifing and multi-killing. Both seem to be more opinionated than rules. Like if I were to destroy someones door and they argued that it was greifing and I was banned for greifing. It's alittle too grey area. I suggest allowing greifing and this will make for a more realistic pvp style. And multi-killing. I believe that spawn should be made a safe area so that new players have a chance to catch their barings. As for killing players consecutivly I personally killed a player twice in a min but the second because he charged at me. Another grey area to think about.


Server Moderator
sam, the way i suggested is that destroying doors and breaking into buildings should be allowed, but can you justify destroying every block of a house? or pouring lava at warp locations? this is why we cannot generally allow all griefing... I think what we need to do is define griefing, and break it up farther.. you would not be banned for destroying a door, our moderators are good and im sure they would look into each situation if someone were to complain and not just ban you outright.

and on the multi killing, if he charged you that is different.. this is aimed towards people who deny others from playing the game by targeting one person and killing several times back to back, without provocation. for an example, if i found where you lived, killed you. then you /home and come back i kill again. and again, and again, and again.. you get the point, all while you don't even have a weapon or any other items. this is more harassment / bullying than pvp since it is denying someone from even playing the game. once again, our mods would look into it and not outright ban someone without proper warnings and proof.

I am looking to see how these rules are interpreted, can you think of a way to word it to get the meaning across better?