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Discussion in 'Report a Rule Breaker' started by DrMadFellow, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. DrMadFellow

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  2. DrMadFellow

    DrMadFellow I'm out, come find me elsewhere.

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  3. Stevie3939

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  4. FrothingLuck

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    This is some great clarification. Its always nice to get updated on the rules and regulations of the forum and server.
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  5. Marvisun

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    Nice to see a unified area for this. Can't wait to see the new rule for stealing xp.
  6. DrMadFellow

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    Updated with rule about minimaps, thanks to boemen for reminding me.
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  7. Gibitul

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    Wonderful of you to make the rules about This much clearer. Thanks bro. :D
  8. crypto4coin

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    Given some recent chat activity, can there be a requirement that English language be used in the general chat (private /tell chats I'm not concerned about unless they breach the other existing rules)?
  9. DrMadFellow

    DrMadFellow I'm out, come find me elsewhere.

    A large swath of the player base uses english as a secondary, I don't think a "english only" rule is very friendly considering.
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  10. MsRowdyRedhead

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    How is a moderator to know if chat is inappropriate if it is not in English??
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  11. Marine05

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    While its more difficult, since we do have so many players of all different backgrounds, even those that break the rules in another language get reported. Someone usually catches the bad words. If I personally keep seeing a repeating phrase in another language, Ill take the time to check out a translation and have caught several people like that. The main thing is, we are a worldwide server. While the server is based in the US and even has a majority of English speakers (even many where English isnt their first language) we arent going to restrict chat to English only. Its just not right to do. All we ask of non-English speakers is that they read/translate and understand the rules and can respond, even if very basically to the moderators to inform us of the language barrier. I have personally had conversations with players breaking rules by copying and pasting text to a translator app, it is possible.
    We ask that the rest of the community accept those who struggle with their English, as many people are still learning, as well as those that just dont speak at all and remember our core rules, Respect other players. Don't yell at people for not speaking English, dont tell them to stop talking, dont make fun of people for misplaced/unformated sentences . If you feel someone is breaking the rules (you can usually tell if something is a nasty comeback even if not English) just screenshot it and report it if you find that it translates to something bad.

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