Ryukaza ^_^


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Hey everyone,

I'm Ryukaza, most of you should know me already as i have been playing the build server a while but some of you may not, which is cool. Thats what i'm writing this for.

My name in real life is Ray, in most games i go by the tag Inukaza, that name was taken already upon purchasing my alpha Minecraft account. I put my real name and my online tag together and viola, Ryukaza was created.

First off, one thing you should know about me is, i can be a huge jerk. I know it. you guys know it and my friends certainly know it, but only if i'm pushed for some reason. Otherwise i'm all peaches and cream. ^_^ I live in Australia and my friends IRL are JEST33R and Moonface15. They're pretty cool guys and both are well-mannered online, unlike me. It's in my personality to be quite random and say a lot of stupid stuff, but as long as i make 1 person laugh i figure i've done my bit for the community. This is a really cool server, i love it. The mods are really nice (ily Tihzz :lol:) but firm in enforcing the rules which is good too. Griefers never last long.

Look forward to playing with you all again soon :D


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I feel kind of weird welcoming you to the server, seeing as you've already been here for a while, but Welcome! :D


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i met you on the temp server and wrote "ryu" on top of griefer hill! (ur house)