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I was wondering if I could start salvaging stuff near the end of 95 n. I am located about 5 mins past Shambala, and with the spawn being moved, I have never seen another person near the north end of 95. From what i've been told, I am about 50 hours from spawn.

Is there some sort of process that i can follow, to figure out if I can salvage uber old stuff. Basically the whole north end of 95 is just half built wreckage/junk, and I wouldn't mess with anything looked completed or somewhat lived in. Thanks,



This was something that I would like to be able to do, but there is no definitive way to tell if the house is old, being rebuilt, etc.

So I'm guessing the answer is no, sadly.


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Short answer, No.
This was brought up before and really just came down to a no. Even though its old it still could belong to someone that may come back eventually, or someone that was just taking a break from that area. I understand that it looks like a waste of resources, but then again the ghost town feel is kinda cool around those areas. Either way, your not allowed to go through chests there, or dismantle the buildings to salvage, unless they're your own of course.