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Got beans?
Is It maybe possible to have forums that you can hide from others? Because this would be perfect on pvp when you need spies and secret allies, maybe it could be a V.I.P perk to make secret threads. Just seeing if it is possible, thank you!


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If you mean a thread for a small group, try a 'Start a new conversation" From the way everything is written in there, it seems whoever you invite in will be able to see what anyone else involved writes, and only the people you, or the other people involved invite in will be able to see it. I havnt tried it with multiple people, so give it a try and let us know how it goes. If im misunderstanding what your trying to do, let me know.


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I've thought about that boboda, it'd just be a pain to manage it all (have to manually add or remove each person for each group). I agree with Marine though - a conversation would probably be the best route to go for now.


Got beans?
Thank you! I was thinking about hiding the view of a forum topic from certain people while having everyone else being able to see it but I understand how it could be difficult to manage.