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a mod and i were discussing hacking and some problems currently with it, and some other mod suddenly started spamming chat with *drop it* but there were lots of people talking, so i asked who/what it was directed to, but everyone kept talking, and he kept spamming drop it, so i asked him by name if he was talking about myself, but he just kept spamming *drop it* then finally responded to me with a kick off the server, rather than just talking. So I came back on the server immediately and asked him not to be rude to me as i was just trying to clarify who/what he was referring to and suddenly he got all hostile and decided to ban me shortly afterwards

i even privately messaged him a couple of times, before he banned me, that there is no need for him to act like that toward me as i was just trying to clarify and that we can both act mature, but he just banned me rather than actually say anything helpful

he was completely rude about it and just kept flexing his *i am god* button
and did not say or respond maturely about anything
it was retarded
and when he was about to ban me, he got everyone all riled up and laughing about it
like a little bully of a kid
we were discussing hacking because he made several statements that were not true when he tried to explain some stuff about hacking

so i told him that people do not actually hack the server and that they are just using programs other people made to modify existing rules or get around the rules set up

and then we started talking about how when people are found to be hacking, they get banned
then i said that some people who might have hacked earlier did not get banned yet
and at that point the hacattack guy just suddenly started spamming chat with *drop it*
even though the other mod and my conversation was one of like 3 conversations in the chat

and he kept spamming it without saying who to drop what

he was just flexing his power as a mod
rather than be mature and actually answer any question i asked
he was acting like a bully over nothing
i dont think he realized that he needs to moderate himself as well, not just the people who break rules
i even suggested that we stop this confrontation in a message to him directly, but again, he ignored it and just kept with the spam

idk, i just dont think i will be welcome on the server even if i got unbanned
cause he already made a bad name for me
it was so stupid

i tried to be reasonable about it but he just wouldnt get off that attitude

I am sorry for the wall of text.

Thank you for taking the time to read that. I believe the situation could have been handled much more fairly if hacattack3000 had taken even just a moment to try and answer questions or be reasonable. The above wall of text is from a steam conversation I had with a friend who is also a mod and suggested I post here regarding the situation. If the mod (hacattack3000) could make an attempt to be clear in the future, especially when asked politely, it would be more fair to any player who joins the server. It was not unreasonable for him to be told that he was being rude, but, instead of just trying to fix the situation, he claimed that I was to be banned for disrespecting him because of it.

Again, thanks for reading, and hopefully water can be passed under the bridge, assuming the bridge has not been burned. Myself, I am still very willing to continue to be polite and would appreciate the same respect.


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I agree with Korcio on this one, he's a longtime friend of mine and recently joined my pvp faction. When we found out that our base had been raided and everything stolen by people who were not part of the faction we got upset and figured they probably glitching/cheating/hacking to be able to 1. get into the base, and 2. steal everything from the chests that are clearly within our faction's claimed chunks.


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korcio thanks for the ban appeal. I have looked over the logs. I feel you may have just mis-understood hacattack. We have a very low tolerance level on anything to do with hacking or using mods that give people an unfair advantage. Because of the age range on this server, we also don't like people talking about it openly in chat. If people are talking about it publically, chances are some of the younger members of the community would get intrigued and try and get these 'hacks' themselves. I know it may sound silly, but I have seen it happen myself. Sometimes even banning someone with a ban message to do with hacking gets other people intrigued about fly mods etc.

Having said that, I can see your side of the argument and say that maybe hacattack could have explained why he was asking you to drop it, rather than just telling you to. Unfortunately it is hard for us to be reasonable with people sometimes - again, due to the age range on the server. Very young players simply do not listen if you try and reasonably talk to them, so as moderators we have to be very direct to people.

To sum up: both parties were kind of in the wrong - you should have just dropped the entire conversation when hacattack asked you, however he could have explained the reasons more. I would like to stress however, he was not abusing his power, he was simply trying to enforce our server rules and guidelines in a way that has unfortunately become necessary for some users on our server.


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I agree with everything Oliver just said, and I would like to add that I did suggest that it be dropped immediately and the discussion could be brought into the forums. As you can see, the forums do indeed offer a much more complete discussion of the matter. It's a shame that the discussion had to end up in a ban appeal.


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Thankyou for you ban appeal korcio, it is now under discussion with the mod team. You should expect to hear a decision from us in 3-5 days.

I do agree with oli's post above that there was arguably wrong on both sides, however you should always listen to Mods and Admins, if they tell you to stop, then you should stop. If you have an issue with their decision feel free to take it up with an Admin either on the forums or ingame.

If you do get unbanned, don't worry about not being accepted by other players, communities such as this tend to be very forgetful and forgiving, so you wouldn't be thought of any differently :)


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Okay, the mod team gives you our apologies for the fact that this got overlooked for so long. It mistakenly got moved into 'Resolved Appeals' by accident by someone.
Anyway if you are still there and you still want to play on our server, and I hope you do, the mod team did come to a decision. You are now Unbanned.
Please refresh yourself with our server rules and in future please remove yourself from the game and contact a mod/admin rather than act like this.

Once again, I would like to give you our sincerest apologies that this happened, unfortunately with the volume of appeals and bans we get people sometimes get overlooked. We do try our best :)