Sept 28 update


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I’m sorry about the lack of updates.
Most my time these days is taken up by meetings and lawyers, accountants, banks, potential partners, potential employees, and the occasional interview. The few hours I do have to develop the game every now and then are mostly spent on looking into bugs and replying to emails.

All this non-development work will result in a much nicer working environment, with talented people helping out with development, an actual office, and a much better way to deal with support issues, bug reports and feature requests.

It’s a good thing I didn’t know how much work setting up a company would be when I started doing it..

The status right now is that we’re up to four people confirmed, and we’re talking to several people. We almost got an office, but they wanted us to sign up for three years, which seems a bit like a gamble for a startup. So we’re still looking for an office.

I know some people feel let down by the lack of updates. I’m sorry.

But I am working. Hard. =)
He posted this yesterday... hopefully we'll get some sort of an update soon! I kind of feel bad for the guy, the way people have been ragging on him for not getting things done. He's only one guy, and he's selling more copies of the game per day now than he did in a month last year! It's gonna take some time to get organized...


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He's already made a game that made him millions! People should stop complaining cause a while ago he could could have quit and gave up on the game and token all the money with him. What's to stop him if some people were breathing down his neck?