Server Details on Homepage


Server Moderator
Just a quick suggestion, It would be handy to have a small box towards the top of the forum that showed some server stats.
-The server IP (people are always asking for this in the chat-box)
-How many slots the server supports.
-Rule List
-Server Owner & contact link
-VIP Benefits

Not sure how easy it would be to impliment on PHPBB but I'm sure it would help boost traffic and these are not the easiest things to find on the current system.


Site Admin & Server Owner
Staff member
Good call, thanks for the suggestion! I was just thinking about how I could add the server IP at the top and make it look good, but if I had that other information in there as well, it'd be a lot easier to make a nice little box around it.


Site Admin & Server Owner
Staff member
Aside from the ugly-looking box with no corners that I cannot figure out, how does it look?


Community Administrator
Other than needing a little more enticing info on the VIP stuff, pretty good!

( I need to update the VIP perks thread)