Server hit another low???

Are there less players on then usual?

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Umm recently when I have been on I have seen a large derpression in the number of people on. There are less new people coming in and the long time players just never seem to show up...... or is it just me?
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Yes, there has been fewer players on recently, but that's mostly due to the whole IP/DNS issue that we had a little while back. Since the server wasn't being detected by through the normal IP (, it listed the server uptime at 0%. And is one of the primary sources of traffic, so not as many new players have been coming through.

Also, the switch of forums has caused fewer google searches to be redirected to this website, which doesn't help. That should pick back up in another couple weeks though. Google doesn't like major website changes.

We seem to have enough regular players to keep things going though, which is awesome. :)


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Looks like it'll be back at 15 for a bit until we can solve the lag issues. Oli set it there because it was getting pretty laggy up around 20 players.