Server Info Rules


The Cloud Writer
Don't forget to change the RULES: in the Server Information.

RULES: No griefing, glitching, hacking, or cheating. No
minecarts or TNT allowed. No swearing.
Minecarts are now allowed. Also if the full rules need to be edited.


New Member
How about adding a new tip or two, to help with the changes since the update?

TIP: Don't quit the game while riding in a minecart.

TIP: Chunks won't load if you are in a boat. Sailing off the edge of the earth will cause you to glitch.


Site Admin & Server Owner
Staff member
Good thoughts on the tips - updated, but won't take effect until next server restart.


The Cloud Writer
Also to add to not quiting the game while in a minecart. Also no warping while in a minecart.