Server Spawn Design (Massive Structure)

Discussion in 'Creative' started by micko888, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. micko888

    micko888 MCCC Sprite Artist/Designer

    Welcome and thanks for coming here. We would like this to be used as a World spawn eventually :)

    I am showing Nanga_mate and my new project, a very elegant server spawn. It is currently located at my Super Secret Redstone (SSR) testing ground but it will be moved to a more suitable place so I can work on landscaping around it, until then only way to view this in person is ask me (Micko888) in person and I can teleport you here or allow you to access my Personal Warp here (For non-VIP's)

    Well here it is, this is a plan picture. I haven't installed my Shaders yet or optifine because I will need both to make a amazing picture that will load all chunks of this structure.
    Just some information for people who would like it (^^^^ I just realised that there is a mistake here haha)

    It is roughly 119 x 119 x 194 in dimensions. It took us 4 days to make it as we started it on the Monday and finished it on the Friday. There are some parts that aren't perfect, I am still going around added gardens on the ground floor and paths. When it has been moved and completed I will apply for a public warp for it :)

    Leave us some comments of what you want to see next :)
  2. SgtSpike

    SgtSpike Site Admin & Server Owner Staff Member

    That's quite amazing... well done!
  3. BigBlob2

    BigBlob2 I don't know me

    Very nicely done.
  4. Xanderpitz

    Xanderpitz I AM the piano man.

    Will this be for the main lobby or for one of the sub-servers? Also, which server would it be for?
  5. Gibitul

    Gibitul Active Member

    You ask that like it's guaranteed to become a spawn. XD

    Well done micko888! Glad to see it's finally finished, and I hope to see it as a spawn hub at some point!
  6. micko888

    micko888 MCCC Sprite Artist/Designer

    Ah I can dream. It would need to be MCEDIT'd out of there because if someone trys to copy paste it, they will most likely crash the server. Also to top it all off, its about 95% complete, I still have gardens to do
  7. DrMadFellow

    DrMadFellow I'm out, come find me elsewhere.

    Doubtful, worldedit is much better about not crashing when you copy paste stuff than it used to be. I pasted something about 10 times that large in the rpg server and all it did was kick everyone for a few minutes.
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  8. LuxuryWafer

    LuxuryWafer Earth Ambassador

    Ah if only I was as creative as this. xD I sometimes can never build anything good
  9. dwc4529

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  10. Gibitul

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  11. Tharcyanno

    Tharcyanno New Member

    Wow, nice continue with this

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