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How many of you participate in the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home project? I've been doing it for many years, but stopped a while ago. I just recently discovered that the project has a new client and is much easier to use now.

Under Participate, click download, the rest is pretty easy.

TL:DR: You can run a pretty graphical screensaver that helps search for intelligent life in outer space.


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I was apart of the Hadron Collider project, but I stopped awhile ago. the program you're referring to acts like a screen saver right?


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I switched from SETI to [email protected] a few years ago, while there is a minute chance of catching something from space from aliens, there's a much more realistic chance that folding with do something like cure a major disease. That was my logic behind the switch at least.


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I believe they both run on the same program now lordi, so you could juggle between the projects if you wanted to.