Shadowbanned :(


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hey guys just me here. a few days ago i got banned from mumble:eek: and i was like what the???
later that day i got told that i got reported for calling wombat and n00b and swearing.:poo: for that i am sorry :thumbsup:but if i do get unbanned may in the future people tell me that i did something wrong. so i can say sorry ETC:cry:. i'll "try" to lower the amount of F's and stuff :D



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Shadow, the Moderation Team is currently under a lot of ban appeals please be patient as this may take some time thanks. We will post here if we have any questions.


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Thanks for your patience, Shadow. The moderators have come to a decision, and decided that you will be unbanned. Please be careful what you say on the server, or in this case, Mumble. The rules are the same for both servers, so please try and keep it G-rated.