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Post your short stories here.. remember please to keep it G rated.
When commenting on other people's stories, please be kind. =D

I will be brave and start.. I am sure there will be much better ones.. I wrote this a few years for a women's construction industry publication.


Most of you know I recently went to Puerto Rico.

After the company required part of the trip was over, I went to stay in the Rain Forrest for a week.
I went hiking and climbing several of those days.
Once, while coming back up from the bottom (waterfall) I took a tumble. Down, around, out and over I went till plop!! I landed, off the trail a quit a bit down.
Well I sat there looking pretty sorry for myself, and nursing my owies for a while, and then I started to look around to see how to get back to the trail.
While looking, I gazed up at the large rock I had just fallen over, only to see the most AMAZING thing..
It was an Orchid, growing and thriving in the middle of the rock. Of course I took a picture.
When Anne reminded me It was my turn to give the Inspiration this month, I was delighted, but struggled to find the perfect thing.
Then I remembered my hike, the fall, the struggle to find the path, the LONG way back up again, all alone, and most of all, that Orchid.
And I thought about how the path must have looked to the very first women in the construction industry, and how the path still looks to some women entering the field or struggling to move up even today.

So I wanted to remind you that even tho the NAWIC flower is the rose, You are all Orchids, who have sprung up in beauty and grace amongst the rocks.