Small Project #1 - PotC Ship


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We in the Discord realm have decided to start with The Black Pearl, a ship from Pirates of the Caribbean.
Hopefully we can get this done pretty quick, and it should give us a good feel for team projects. This is our trial run, so we'll se how it goes.

I'm gonna be co-managing this with Major, so we're gonna get an area set up and general proportions defined. If you have any questions, you can ask either of us. Sarcastic commentary is also welcome.

The body of the ship should be made up of dark wood planks and logs, while the deck will be mostly spruce planks. The sails should be black wool, and the whole ship should have a pretty rustic feel to it.

You can find this build by looking south of Projects spawn. (I'm sure we'll have a warp eventually.)

And that's that! help out if you are so inclined, community participation in these projects is really crucial to their success. Even if it's only a little, I really encourage you guys to add on to this build, and the (hopefully) many more to come.

(We'll get a protocol for this whole build profile thing eventually, I promise.:coffee:)
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I took a few screenshots of the boat so far, if anyone wants to see:
2017-02-28_15.52.06.png 2017-02-28_15.52.24.png
It's still got a long way to go, but it's looking great!
Every bit is helpful!!! (even screenshots are great to see shared. :))


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Just to stress this point, these are group builds. Anyone who would like to get involved is welcome to do so.
It's coming along, but there is certainly quite a bit of work left to be done.
Let Cakle know if you'd like to get involve, so she can coordinate everyone's efforts.


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So just to give people an idea of the scale of this project, that is KittyAshlee posing with the ship (look closely). We're calling this a small project because it's rather limited in scope (one ship) but the ship itself is rather large, which will allow for some fine details on the build.

PotCShip1.png PotCShip2.png


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Just a quick update with some new pictures.
Added the bases for the masts, finished the deck on the rear section, added quite a bit of detail to the front (I do not know the nautical terms, sorry).
Also added a bowsprit to the front (I had to learn this term to refer to it, now I can't stop saying it. Bowsprit. It's fun.)
Anyway, on to the new photos:

2017-03-16_19.52.17.png 2017-03-16_19.53.55.png

(When I say added, I mean other people added. I mostly take the pictures.)
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Ok, probably past time for an update. Things are still moving along.
Recently added: Masts, Guns (20 per side, 40 total, probably will be guns on deck as well.), 2 additional levels below the main deck, side ladder, hold access.

Still to do: sails, crows nests (?), cabins, storage compartments, below deck supports and ladders, anchors, cranes for loading into the hold, probably tons of detail work all around.
If you would like to get involved, there is still time. As you can see there is plenty left to do. Contact Cakle here or on discord if you'd like to sign up. Or let me know and I can pass it along.