Snowie2, spawn and double killing


Some would call me Tim
I joined the (2nd) temp map today a little after 11 and left spawn to collect some wood from a tree. Shortly after I was killed by a user called snowie2. I was outside of spawn, so this was perfectly acceptable. After re-spawning though and not moving from my spot so I could chat to spoonyjets, I was killed repeatedly, up to 9x by snowie2, all within spawn. I had no items, and did not move from my spot either (nor did I fight back as it was in spawn) so I could not be seen as aggressive.
At the fourth kill, I asked why he was repeat killing, and began counting the number of kills over chat (he followed suit, counting as well for some reason). At the fifth-sixth killing, I said something along the lines of "Are you aware that you're breaking two different rules?"
He didn't respond, so I stated "No double killing or spawn killing". He continued anyways though, and logged out at the 9th killing after I said I'd gotten a screen shot.
Attached is a (slightly messed up) printscreen, of me facing him just after getting hit. Thank you for your time.


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I trust you're telling the truth here, with the screenshot and all. He's banned.