Socrates271 - Ban Appeal

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Name: Socrates271
Date: 11/??/2010
Purpose: Banned for Impersonation
Version: v1.0
A few days ago in the chat window, slightly irate due to Notch's latest bug-mastic update, I stated the following in chat.

"Notch: Hai guys! I've doubled the durability of smp bugs!" or something to that effect.

Unbeknown to me, a few pages earlier sat a Notch doppelganger. As unrealistic as this sounds, reality often presents unpredictable, coincidental, and often humorous incidents. In this case, for me, t'was all of the above.

The next line of chat read from SgtSpike: "Anyone impersonating Notch from now on will be banned." And thus :sadface: I can no longer express my feelings to you all via this exquisite chat portal.

Now all I see are these dreary words: Your ip has been banned:

Actually, I lied, my little brother did it.


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Haha, +1 to what kiwi says - the man knows what he's talking about!

Ok Soc, you should be all unbanned. But if I catch you impersonating Notch again... :twisted:


Don't unban him! Soc was outside my house in Brickville tapping into my wireless internets. My bill was HUGE this month because Brickville cable services charges me by the GB of bandwidth, and Soc loves the pr0n. :/


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Wow! hold on a minute soc have you read the rules heres number 7.
7. If a player (especially VIP's) is going to be AFK for more than 5 minutes, then please log off so that the slot will remain open for other players who would like to have a chance at playing on our server. (Fair play and availability ruling). If you are found to be AFK for an extended amount of time, you will be kicked by a Mod. If a Mod has to kick you 3 times for this reason, you may find yourself on a 24 hour ban!

Next time soc logg out!!
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