Some new map renders to explore...


Very nice :D

however there seems to be a discrepancy, the coords for all my houses were right, but the mesa biome i went to go check out with the coords from the map took me to where they should be, but the mesa was missing D; all the other features were there, IE mountains, rocks, trees, but where the mesa should be was all ocean ;(


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Hehe. If you look on Survival's map, there's this little itsy bitsy bit at the top right with a foresty island and a nether portal on it. That's me :D


Coords were like
X 12266
Z -1285

or somethin like that on survival. I have a private warp out there if your interested.


Marvisun - the thought is once a month, but as the maps get bigger they will take longer to render and transfer. Survival took 20hrs to render and close to 2 days to transfer.

Dunkeroni - the new lobby borders are huge, about 2-3x bigger than I rendered. I was going to map the whole thing and I probably will later.

Chocmerc - yes I am interested. In Build there are lots of breaks and islands, I want to see if the mapping program I use is not working or just isolated problems


Also I can do custom renders. Night, North a different direction, only your place, etc just let me know I will tell you if i can.


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My place in survival looks like some shrapnel pattern from an explosion... Also rendered before my walls were up.