Someone stole my Stuff


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7 stacks iron, 2 stacks steel bars, 2 stacks gold, one stack diamond, out of the chests in my little base on the mountain on the island across from newcity. I distinctly had a sign not too touch anything, and someone ignored it and built a bridge to my island as well.


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Sorry man, that sucks! You've got to hide chests that have anything important in them though - put them beneath your floor, behind a wall, etc. Just put them somewhere hidden, where you have to remove a few blocks to find it, and you won't lose anything anymore!

It's just too easy for someone to walk by, take a look, and grab a few things without anyone else knowing the better.


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I saw the bridge and rebuilt half of it into wood to match the pier... I can take it down if you wish.

To note (I didn't go past the shoreline and did not steal your stuff)