Speed Hack


Resurrected Miner
Just had an incident with a player speed hacking on the pvp server. The player in question is the3an6ryg3rm4n . Shortly before my encounter with him a mod (who I believe was xnickx5757) had issued him a warning for using a speed hack, which he denied. I logged off so I didn't witness what became of the warning but when I returned about 30 minutes later I caught the tail end of some discussion that seemed to me to be about the assumption that whatever had caused the red flag over the hacking was wrong.

Anyway all moderators had signed out and I found myself on the pvp server alone with the3an6ryg3rm4n. When he approached I saw I was outmatched so I decided quickly to run and had enough distance between us that I could barely make out his character on the very edge of the rendered map. Anyway without any slowing down on my part he covered that entire distance in a matter of seconds suddenly and had taken me down before I had a chance to even realize he was upon me. After respawning I walked out of the spawn zone to find him coming down on me again lightning fast, and once again killing me before I had much of a chance to even know I had been attacked.

Usually I would assume that I had gotten a raw deal of a very bad lag spike in a circumstance like this but the fact that this very player had just been accused of speed hacking by a moderator, and repeated both attacks identically on a day that I've experienced little to no lag makes me extremely doubtful.


Slightly Different
er stuart got your facts wrong it was foreverknown who was chasing us
he wasnt lightning fast but faster than us