Spider Jockey

Are You Fly Like A G6???

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The Tugboats are ready!
I just had to post because this is a land mark in my minecraft career.
It was my first spider jockey:)
Don't be a troll like NOOB or anything like that just don't troll.2011-09-21_19.17.39.png


The Tugboats are ready!
I took the picture late it was a spider jockey but then it went on fire then I remembered to take a screenshot so don't be saying it isn't a spider jockey either.
It was a spider jockey


The Tugboats are ready!
Skeletons can't get tired of shooting people and enjoy a little sit down ?
Well it was away from the spider like one block but I thought that was from the skeleton burning and the spider does not burn so it kicked the skeleton off... The skeleton may have been just sitting around from a long day of shooting people from spawn.


Maybe it was a tired skeleton taking a break on the ground, and a mischievous spider crawled beneath it when it wasn't looking?