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  1. micko888

    micko888 MCCC Sprite Artist/Designer

    So in the recent days ive started I was thinking about modding and wanting to make mods. Only problem was that Im hopeless at coding and well, making textures. So I decided to start of at something simple.

    Im making a texture pack without any themes. (Im basing it off what I think might look good later.) I am taking an suggestions of idea's to base off the texture pack off. Im willing to do anything even base it other games that people on the server play. I was also planning to maybe record a time-lapse of each texture of me making them, I would upload maybe two texture's to my youtube a day. This way it gets me more views and you can see all of my fails :p

    I designed a diamond sword in 5min (Yes its bad I know I just wanted to test Gimp)

    Start of a texture pack.PNG

    What size should I start at?
    - x16?
    - x32?
    - x64?

    Also, when giving idea's I would also love it if you gave a photo with it so it makes it easier for me to research the game/picture. I don't want to take textures from other texture packs, I want to legit create the whole texture pack. Any tips when making the texture pack would be great, and maybe eventually when it's really great and popular I might even help cj with the minecraftcc texture pack.

    Program I will be using is Gimp because im too poor right now to afford Photoshop :p
    You can suggest mobs aswell but I will be focusing on the items first so I can put most my effort into it because it is the biggest part of the pack.

    Please be considerate, im not going to make a hopeless texture pack and I really want to give back to the community of minecraft. Also, what should I call the texture pack?

    Textures so far:

    None yet :(
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  2. Meta

    Meta The "I feel outta place guy"

    It should be called Micko's Lifeless texture pack, and don't worry, gimp is actually a really good thing to use
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  3. PD400

    PD400 Sentient Toaster

    That's quite impressive work! I tried sprite making when I was into RPG Maker, but failed miserably.
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  4. toxic_cow (abandoned)

    toxic_cow (abandoned) Lover of Bacon

    looks good micko. i might have some ideas for you. ill message you if i come up with any. i made a texture pack a while back and it was horrible but it helped me learn what to do and what not to do
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  5. Phsyco_TkS

    Phsyco_TkS Zer0 Grav

    I have a texture pack that is still currently WIP and isnt very good but I'm holding out on it :rofl:

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