Stary the spider tamer !


I'm back !
Welcome to starys spider farm ! Where spiders come for relaxation :p If anyone would like to come see just ask me in-game
2011-08-02_23.03.41.png2011-08-02_23.08.22.png2011-08-02_23.20.13.png2011-08-02_22.43.15.png2011-08-02_23.07.44.png2011-08-02_23.10.21.png2011-08-09_20.42.49.png2011-08-09_20.44.10.png Even tame at night !


One of the "original PvP terrorisers"
I thought you liked Horses not horse eating spiders! But I guess that spiders are the closest things to horse in mc so................


Got beans?
Wooh stary, good job :p You should lead your spider army and attack people's bases on survival :p Just lead the spiders there and have them attack the noobs