starys ban appeal please unban me!


I'm back !
hi i an kinda new to minecraft and i want to be unbanned please im going to say that the reason i took the rails is because i was trying to ride the train and i nothiced there were some rails missing and i dident have any rails at the moment and so i took some of the rails from the other side and put it on that side so i could go there but i dident know that i was gonna get baneed from that so i did it and im very sorry and i love this server very much so can i please be unbanned.


Server Moderator
Thank-you for your appeal. Your appeal is now under discussion with the mod team, you should expect to hear from us within a few days. Keep checking back in case we need to ask you any questions.


Retired Plugin Admin
Thank you for being so patient stary326.
The moderators have reached a decision and we've decided that you will be unbanned. We would like to let you know that griefing is completely against the rules and is not tolerated. We found that you were stealing rails from someone's track and using them on yours. If you need supplies, you can't go around and take them from other people's houses. You have to gather them yourself. Keep in mind that if we catch you stealing/griefing anymore things that don't belong to you, you will be rebanned.

The unban should take place on the next restart which should be in about 5 hours from now.
See you on the server soon.