Stoners Unite!


Lord Inspector of the Cupcakes
We can't let the Red Stoners take all the credit! Post your amazing structures made of stone here! If you have any ideas you would like to share with the Stoner community, just post! I for one, will gladly help any Stoner in need.


*takes the weed out of his mouth*

oops. Sorry, wrong thread.

:) I'll get a screenshot of MacMacs castle, which I helped build and dig out the space for.

P.S Excuse the pun, it had to be made sometime :)


Staff member
Whereupon seeing SgtSpike log into the build server, he spilled his bucket of water, thus wiping out all torches in the building. :oops:

edit, please let me know if too strong.


Lord Inspector of the Cupcakes
Never in all my years! I would never do anything to poor my server buddies! :twisted: