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Post here if you have a comment about the process, questions about any of this or whatever it may be, post it here. You may also create a separate post in this forum if you wish.

If you want to submit a build to be cataloged, try to fill out as much of the following as you are able to:

Location (X Y Z):
Short Description:
Name (if known):
Builders (if known):

If you just have a location and general descriptions, that's enough to get started.
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Lover of Cats and Potato
Location: 1327 68 -5234
Short Description: Castle Town with houses, ships and other goodies
Name: ?
Builders: YerOfficeBuddy

Location: -7276 72 -815
Short Description: Blinx's Test area, many odds and ends
Name: ?
builders: Blinx241


Lover of Cats and Potato
Location: -9027 80 -6622
Short Description: All of Blinx's builds over the years he played, houses, castles, towers, statues etc
Name: Blinxville
Builders: Blinx241 (vast majority), 1 house by BoureySR85, 1 building by Mountaindude23


Sponsor [prev lvl1 mod]
Morrowind - Rethan Manor

Co-ordinates: x: 624 , y: 63 , z: -2060
Name: The Rethan Manor
Builder: Crypto4Coin

A faithful recreation of the Rethan Manor [Odai Plateau] from The Elder Scrolls Morrowind.
In The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, players of that game following the House Hlaalu story arc
can build this location as their stronghold in the game.

There are additional interior spaces with chests/player items that was used actively on build7 by crypto4coin.

Crypto -
Initially I built void spaces to maintain scale between interior and exterior spaces from Morrowind for appearance in Minecraft.
I filled them with chests to store materials from the Resources map during the construction of the project on Build7.

I left these chests faithfully intact from when it was being built and cloned onto the Creative map, also noted on the successful builders permit application, for both historic and personally nostalgic purposes.

Original thread from the builders application by Crypto4coin.

Archive copy also available:
Co-ordinates: x: -100 , y: 81 , z: -10550
World: Build7

Morrowind Wiki entries

Note: Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls and other related terms are the property of Bethesda/Zenimax Media.
Crypto4coin and MinecraftCC have no association with them.

Compiled manually in 2013 - June 22 2014 on Build7 by Crypto4coin; added on the Creative Map approximately June 29 2014.
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Humble Pyramid and Pilgrims Wayrest.

Location: X -881 Y 118 Z -1380
Humble Pyramid and Pilgrims Wayrest.

A pyramid of glass with beacons, pillars and framing materials, made from inspiration of Minefoxies Megapyramid during the Mine4BTC era.
There is a sealed second floor that running around in creates an interesting disco effect.
I have just very recently added some doors to make that level accessible without breaking blocks, beneath the staircase to the south.

Pilgrims Wayrest is a combination of a small and well lit dock with no ships is currently on the southern coastline below; with a rest and recuperation building for the strange folks that come to visit the pyramid on pilgrimages.

A decorative place with a kitchen, library, enchantment tables, anvils, rooms upstairs and a treasury for collected offerings to the chapel fill the space. Armor stands with various armor types occupy where residents of the chapel, guards or monks working in the chapel would be found.

Construction of the building on the coastline below the pyramid was dormant from 2017-2018 until it was completed recently (2020).

Location: X -1020 Y64 Z -1566
Crypto's Shack

A basic shack with small garden/field and trap door into a tiny natural cave.

In between the above builds is a small beach to be built on shortly.

Apologies for the double posts.
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