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Post here if you have a comment about the process, questions about any of this or whatever it may be, post it here. You may also create a separate post in this forum if you wish.

If you want to submit a build to be cataloged, try to fill out as much of the following as you are able to:

Location (X Y Z):
Short Description:
Name (if known):
Builders (if known):

If you just have a location and general descriptions, that's enough to get started.
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Location: 1327 68 -5234
Short Description: Castle Town with houses, ships and other goodies
Name: ?
Builders: YerOfficeBuddy

Location: -7276 72 -815
Short Description: Blinx's Test area, many odds and ends
Name: ?
builders: Blinx241


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Location: -9027 80 -6622
Short Description: All of Blinx's builds over the years he played, houses, castles, towers, statues etc
Name: Blinxville
Builders: Blinx241 (vast majority), 1 house by BoureySR85, 1 building by Mountaindude23