Super Hostile maps by Vechs.


Lamp Post King
these maps are EXTREMELY HARD and FUN i did the training then i did the first map remade and honestly there was a dungeon with more than 10 zombie spawners! also there was a creeper dungeon that was also extremely hard. if u guys have played these maps or will in the future seeing pictures of your completed victory monuments here. these are for people who like to survive but also like serious adventure. right now there are only 8 but number 8 is in progress and then theres also number nine which is supposed to be imposable(or at least VERY VERY VERY hard).

Heres the link to the downloads of maps.☠-vechs-super-hostile-series-☠-01-out/

one mistake i made apparently is i went to the sea of fire first, when u should actually do for new or relaxingish fun after a stressful map is the sunburn islands. those (as vechs claims) are the easiest ones to complete the monument on.
(i put this in survival cause it kinda fit that genre move if needed)