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I mean man, 152 kills and 9 deaths by bloody and 116 by Spike7005. This is crazy! Now, for the most part I was watching all this unfold and I noticed a few things. One you guys were killing a lot of first-timers which is unfair, they have nothing to defend them with. Also you guys were going power hungry because I walked out of spawn and I immediately got mugged! Also when i tried to fight back tnt didn't work, arrows seemed to go through them, and my diamond sword seemed like it was made of jello.
Yeah, I know this is pvp, and most of the mods and such will give me a lame answer saying something like, ''... its player versus player...'' Well, I like pvp but at least let everyone do everything to fight back [tnt, vips can use it and no, I'm not donating] and let the newbies at least get started. I do want to stay in pvp, I love it, but doing what we are doing now really isn't fair. imagine if you were a newbie trying to get started and kept getting killed over and over again. Well, Hawk's out thanks for reading this and I hope you guys do something. :|


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I agree, which is why you avoid fighting until you get enough resources.

Watch spawn and you'll see that 90% of bloody's kills were due to people walking up to him and attacking. As is the case with us all. There's at least 4 exits. If you count the walkway and moat.


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Hawk - people aren't supposed to be double-killing other players. It's perfectly legal for someone to camp the gates of spawn and kill a new player ONCE, but if the new player doesn't initiate aggressive behavior against them, then they can't kill them a second time. If the new player takes one swing at them, then they can kill again.

If you see double-killing happening, tell the person that SgtSpike said it wasn't ok. :p I'm trying to put the word out about that rule. I've no idea if Bloody was breaking the rule or not, but if so, he needs to be warned.