Team Panda ! (by Wombatus)


A l'aise Breizh
Hi it's Wombatus, you know me a little. I represent the "Team Panda", we are here since two weeks.

Excuse my english, I'm french.

We are not really a team in order to we are not very serious, we invented it on this server, because we all put Panda skins and work together.
There is me, Rat (my brother), WallaceNein (my other brother), Tetounos, Samegave and ComteGuillaume (when he can get a computer to log).

The first day on this server was our first weekend on multiplayer, we test a few servers and choose YOU ! Not because of the Eiffel Tower (I don't see it the first day) but because you're all cute and sympathic.
We first made a little house/castle on a very little island, to not disturb you. Next because of the steampunk textures pack of Rat we transformed the castle into a crane.
The second and third days we made the entire cathedral (with the crypt). In fact I play a very long time next week ^^ I made almost all the building of the team.
Next I made the big Crom statue by my own (it's not finished, I need a lot of black wool for pants).

Now I make an entire Monastery around the church. And I've got a lot of other projects of course !

Wallace stop mining and start a tower, Tetounos make a WaterWorld, Samegave make his first house in the game, it's the first time he play, and he try to make a huge panda, and Rat... help us !

We wait you for a visit : go to spawn, take east (by the mario cube) by the tunnel, then follow the signs.

Sorry again for my english, please don't blame me !


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Wombatus, I stumbled across your cathedral a while back while wandering around the server, and it is AMAZING. Very nicely done, probably one of the best structures I've ever seen built in the game.

Anyway, official welcome to the community, and we're glad to have you all with us! ;)


Welcome to the forums, servers, and most importantly, community!

Oooohh. You have SgtSpikes official seal of approval. I must check out this cathedral, it sounds amazing. Nice job, and welcome to you all, just a quick few things you might need to know:

Apart from the occasional indulgance in internet speak (lol.) there isn't much here,
the only ones that I can think of are:

Admin: Administrator, owner of the server (Sgt.Spike)
Mod: Moderator, like an admin with less powers, there to help when Spike isn't around.
VIP: Very Important person, gained by donating $15.00 (€11.00 or £9.00)
Griefer: The people who gain enjoyment from destroying other peoples hard-worked structures.
Hacker: Someone who uses client-side mods to gain advantages over players, such as items, fast moving, etc.


These are the build server rules. Obey them and we will get on fine.

PvP server rules.
This is in the rules already, but some people still miss out on it, so for good measure:
If an admin asks you to cooperate, DO. Mods are not invulnerable gods that you must
never harm, but when they need you to do something, please try and comply as best
within your limits, attacking a mod when they require your help is a banable offense.

[useful links]
Aside from the most useful link, the rules, there are a few others.
Sgt.Spike is god: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=379
The best spam ever: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=994
Find us everywhere: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=391
Central hub of activity: viewforum.php?f=9

[want someone banned?]


Remember, this is NOT a "this guy annoyed me, ban pl0x" thread, this is for actual
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[been banned?]

Lets hope you never end up here.
Make sure to make your post clear, giving such details as who banned you, where you were,
what might have caused the ban, the time, the date, and your in-game name.
Try not to use shortisms, you wouldn't say "lol unban pl0x" in the same way you wouldn't
say "lol let me out of jail pl0x".

SgtSpike said:
BE TRUTHFUL. It's pretty easy to tell when someone is trying to cover up and make themselves look good. Don't think that the mods don't communicate with each other. If you have the slightest mistruth in your statement, your chances for having your appeal granted go down dramatically.

The more details, the better. While I don't want to see a novel, knowing why you believe you were banned is essential.


Donating costs $15.00, €11.00, or £9.00 (source source), it's a one-time payment and funds go to upgrading the
very same server. Spike puts a lot of work into the server, the forums, and admining the entire thing, and there's still benefits to be had!
@Your very own special blue name on servers AND forums!
@up to 3 Private warps on PvP, and up to 5 on build!
@A warm fuzzy feeling!
@Permanent Reserved slot!
@Access to top-secret top-awesome cities.
@Secured underground vault for VIPs on the Build server (uses one of your private warps, but can't be broken into)
@Access to the VIP section on the forum!
@Admins can Teleport you to fellow members at any time (with their permission)!

Donate link: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=8

[some people have oddly coloured names]

Indeed they do.
Grey: Normal member, but still awesome.
Blue: VIP, Donator to the server
Dark Green: server Mod on a two-week testing period
Light green: Full server mod, has responsibility and can ban, silence, and kick.
Orange: Global Mod. Server AND forum mod, has access to the server files, more power then a usual mod.
Red: The one and only Sgt.Spike, owner and creator of the server, forums, and just about everything.

[I need some items, but I don't want to hack and can't seem to find any of it]

Your problems are solved in that link, there you can make arrangements to trade items and advertise anything you're selling.

[I perfer PvP though...]

all your PvP needs in one thread.

[I'm a budding genius with limitless ideas for the server and/or forums, to improve it and make things easier]

Then you are more then welcome here:

[I like the idea of redstone circuits, but I don't know where to get started or where to learn more about it]

Ah redstone, how I love thee.

Globey, myself, Blorby, and l33tphreak all do redstone circuitry a lot on the build server.

globey said:
I know I'm available for helping people [with redstone] :p
As am I. If you need any help ask us and we'll see if we're nearby.

If you're really starting off, these links will help:

Your basic tutorial and logic-gates:
more in-depth tutorial: ... 35&t=25695
For posting your redstone creations and links to Redstone Simulator:

And now, a word from the ingenius geniuses that are the admins, mods, VIPs, and Regs
of play.minecraft.

On Items:

SgtSpike said:
Trust me - if people know that there are good treasures inside, they will mine through a hundred blocks of obsidian to get to it.
On Bans:

oliverw92 said:
Bans are like puppies - they are for life, not just christmas
On Building:

everyone said:
The farther away from spawn you are, the less likely you'll be griefed.
On Chest Protect:

SgtSpike said:
There will be no chest-protect on the servers, because people tend to place chests in the open relying on chest-protect to save it from
griefers, however if/when chest-protect breaks all their valuables are out in the open. Keeping CP off encourages hiding chests.
On Moving PvP spawn (and something wrong with red-heads o.0):

SgtSpike said:
Spawn gives me a sense of security and identity. If we move spawn, we move my identity. Which means, I could end up being a little red-headed girl wearing polkadotted stretchy pants.

...I like the apocolyptic look of the current spawn.
On being a Mod:

ultimateironman said:
A lot of people want to be a mod for the same reason that a lot of people want to be cops.

"ohhhh, i want to be able to ban ppl!" ? a good Mod
"ohhhh, i want to be able to shoot ppl!" ? a good Cop
Again, welcome to the forums, and the community, well done on reading this far down.

Enjoy your stay!

Another M-M-M-M-MONSTER post by Valk!


A l'aise Breizh
So I've got SgtSpikes official seal of approval but I'm the only one who got this "spam" ?!

I feel myself great and unique !! Thanks Valkorian, I hope you will take a look to our buildings soon !

What ever this "spam" is educative, and not only for my english skill.

I'm such a wise person, don't worry.

On the other hand I've got something to say, I know that's an open world, free for all, but a player build a thing in the sky, very close to the roof of our own buildings, I would be delighted if someone ask him to build in an other direction, he can make what he want, no problem, but it's not very beautyful so I would like it somewhere else that above us. Thanks to the powerfull person who can past the message.
If it's not possible I can leave with it !


Site Admin & Server Owner
Staff member
Wombatus, grab one of us mods next time you are online to take a look at the sky-high structure. We can figure out who built it, and ask them to kindly move it elsewhere.


Former Server Moderator and Ban Appeal Moderator
It was zombieman2 , and there is a sign on his structure that says to go in the other direction.


A l'aise Breizh
Thanks Coffee !

I put the sign myself yes ^^ and now the building change ! It's cool ! Thanks to you Zombieman2 and to the crew for your work on this task.


Lawl, Valk, I think the first mention of spam was referring to the "I scarceness for such a cat" Thread, and then Wombatus mistook the reference to spam as your post being the spam.


A l'aise Breizh
Excuse me, I'm not very good in english and I don't speak very well. I wasn't joking on you Valk and yes it's helpfull !


Ah my apologies. I've been out of it for the last few days and it was my misunderstanding.

Welcome all the same :)