TeamPanda Texture Pack !!!!!


Powered by Fur !!

New version with bug fixes, new armors, new clothes, new default skin, new items...

You're now a PANDA !!!

DL it NOW !!!!

Link :

Hi little pandas. Today i had an idea = Dl a new textrure pack 64x.

Actually it was the first 64x that i tried, and it was pretty cool. It needs a patcher to run, but it's really esay to use, just press one button and it's done.

I began to edit colors and brightness cause most of the 64x are too serious, and too dark. Then i modified several things, titles, all windows. And now i have this project, after 10 hours of work = Why i don't make an official panda texture pack ?

Very soon a pack with a lot of FUR will be released, guys !!!!!


The bamboo will lead the way.


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I actually almost done the Creative version of the pack. It is similar to the Creative pack, officialy done by CJ.

So it will be ok for Halloween. Of course it's a 1.5 so i didn't replaced all the textures, just chose some with differents things, but i did all the interface. The life, oxygen and food gauges, the menus,the art, the backgrounds, all is new. I also animated myself the furnace and the glowstone effects.
But i think i'll never (even in years) do myself the items that you can see in the inventory. It's tooooo much work. But all the textures are panda approved. I will send it to mods and they ll give their approval, or not.

So i need mods to PM me TODAY thanks.


Powered by Fur !!
Panda Creative pack now online !!

*** new version : 0.4 !!! *** new ARMORS !!! New default Char !!!!!

All - New Items ! Original !!!

With HD version of the original bars !!!

Why choose Panda Pack ?

First of all, Panda Creative Pack is the ONLY way to play on "creative" with a hi-res texture pack.

THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL PACK. Not for now. Maybe very soon. CJ and Oli must approve all the textures first, and it's a beta pack, i will finish it, little by little. The health and food bar were panda like, but CJ wants to keep the cc pack branding, so i removed it. I ll keep it for the panda's survival pack.

For now i used also textures from Creative one's Medieval pack, and Ornate pack. My goal is to remove all the existing non original and do everything myself in few weeks. I mean the terrain textures, cause the items, it'll take years. If i do it.

Achieved with "FUR ENGINE 3.0" (ltd), after 4 years of development, and powered by the all new "bamboo-in-the-face" graphics. The panda tp can display a huge amount of details, with paralax differential scrollings of doom. It's the better way to be "like a boss" in your working meetings, and familial gatherings. In accordance with the new WWF convention, no pandas were harmed during the making of this technology.

But don't take my word for it !

listen to their testimonies :

"This pack is awesome" Panda Pack creator.

"I don't find the headbutt button." Zinedine Zidane.

"Above and beyond Notch" A guy in the street. (it 's also the pasta commercial guy)

"Only bamboo terrorists and non fur believers use default pack" A famous historian.

"Totes cookie free" Agent Smith.

This awesome and free tp will change THIS to THIS :

Seen ? New HD fonts, for weak pandas eyes. Can turns you into a french pandabear, use with caution.

How to install Panda Creative Pack ?

Follow these instructions :

You first have to know that all the **x32 and more** packs need MCPATCHER. If you already patched minecraft with it, it 's ok.

Here 's the link to download it :

Just patch, following the instructions on the site.

Then you just have to paste the pack's zip in your texture pack folder, like the usual...

Here 's the link to download it : (0.4 Bear !)

Warning : if you have, like 100 mods installed.... It won't work :eek:
You'll have to uninstall the mods.

Enjoy and give feedback please.


Lamp Post King
kinda.... looks a bit like the rustic texture pack i was using, in my poi on i think its too realistic, i wan a see something high quality but yet, not to realistic i guess. for now I'm still going to use the phanx pack. main thing that set me off was how the clean stone works. i love the little panda though :laugh:

sorry if i came off a little harsh.


Faceless One
Wow by the look of the pictures I already want it, great looking TP(texture pack) yay i madez an acronimz:O


Powered by Fur !!
The new version already has the health and food bars like the x16 creative pack. I also change a bit the textures. It will be online soon.