TeamSpeak or Ventrilo?


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I was wondering if I setup a voicechat for regular members to use, which one would you prefer? Can do either one

Teamspeak I have set up at this point.


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I'd prefer vent, but only because it is the one I already have installed. ;)


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I, for one, vote Mumble.

Myself and ~20 others have been using Mumble since February of this year. I switched from 5 years of Ventrilo. I stayed permanently because of a few factors.

- Latency
Latency is the #1 reason I like Mumble over Ventrilo or Teamspeak. Ventrilo has at least a 500ms delay from the time you speak into the mic, til the voice comes out on the other end, regardless of connection quality. The software/codecs of Ventrilo are not optimized for latency, therefore it isn't the best for gaming. TS2 is similar in latency to Ventrilo. TS3 is quicker than Ventrilo. I tested all 3 both locally, and remotely on the same box. Mumble has latency to all 3 options listed. Locally, Mumble is fast enough to use at a LAN with so little delay, you can look at a person and it almost matches up to their lips. Remotely, it will scare you at first. You will think people are reading your mind at how fast they respond to what you are saying.

- Voice quality
Again, testing all 3 locally and remotely. Ventrilo has better quality than TS2 or TS3. TS3 having better quality than TS2. Mumble, IMO, has the best quality. This is providing you set up your inputs/outputs right with the correct noise reduction. With the correct noise reduction, it can sound amazing.

- 3D Sound Positioning (cool, not necessary)
- Overlay (See who is speaking with a light up overlay in the corner of your game screen... customizable)
- Volume normalization to prioritize speaking over IG sounds or Music
- Overall very rich in options, while very simple both clientside and serverside
- Client side bandwidth adjustments. Have slow internet? Dial the quality down. Have very fast internet? Turn it to the max (~128Kbps)

- Open Source (both pro and con)
- Not very polished
- Steeper learning curve than Ventrilo

There probably is some stuff I forgot to throw in there. But that's how I feel about it. I currently own a 500+ Slot Mumble for less than I paid for a 25 slot Ventrilo. Anybody is welcome to use it. I can even make you a section SgtSpike if you would like to test it out with some people in Minecraft.

Mumble DL:

Mumble Info:
Port: 64738 (Default)

Very populated. ~50 users every night
Up to 100 users Weekend Nights


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Hey, great information there, Bonz!

I had heard of Mumble once before in a single conversation but hadn't been heard of since. I appreciate your input on that, big time. We had discussed a few options (yesterday?) and hadn't of yet come to any conclusion. We may take you up on tha offer :D
I had been leaning toward TS3 because I heard good things and it's popular, plus I can host it on my machine for a limited number of slots, which are a bit more than Vent.