Terraria Ban Appeal


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hello im srry for what happend yesterday my brother stole my pc and messed up the terraria server im srry will you guys unban me and forgive me :'( i hate getting baned plz think about it plz
I would like to add that I was in mumble with Evan talking about him being banned when he said that he could change his IP-address. Inuu told him that it would only get worse. Later he complained that he couldn't get on even though he had changed tried his IP address, Inuu asked him why he tried changing it and he said he was bored and wanted to play.

*EDIT* I just saw the shoutbox post, but this is only to confirm it.


Two things:

First, I was there when this happened. Do I believe a word of this? No. He had knowledge of the reason for his original ban, as well as WHO banned him.

Here is one thing I remember quite well, him claiming his destruction of Cikki's tower was revenge for Cikki banning him. I also asked him why he was banned, as I thought it had been hacking. I posed the question, "Why were you banned? Hacking?" to which he replied "lol no. swaring."

This wasn't Eman's "brother".

TL;DR: No.


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I'm your friend mean and I hope you dontnhate me for this but I was talkingnto mean on Skype when the whole thing happened, and I know it was him that did it because whenever I died I blamed it on him and swore up a storm at him and Skype and he laughed and said he was going to greif it and even sent the link and instructions for invedit or whatever tzhe inventory hack is but I refused to use it. That's when I left the call and tried running from spawn. I was a noob then with only copper armor so I just wanted to get out of the, pardon my language, personnel hell he was brewing up at spawn. The greifing was massive and is intolerable for someone to do. And as I recall you did it out of revenge. You griefed cikkirocks base just because he banned you. I'm sorry but I don't recommend unbaning you.... :(


I believe this should be moved to resolved ban appeals. It's not going to have anything change.